single pod

Networking nicely integrated:

Maximum cooling capacity:

The most effective immersion cooling tank in the world. Merging state-of-the art engineering, integrated sensors with TFT screen, remote temperature monitoring & reporting service, with up to 64 kW heat transfer from single enclosure. DCX Enclosure has been designed for heat reuse applications – elevated temperature set point enables sustainable and effective heat utilization.

  • Heat Transfer 35°C 40 kW
  • Heat Transfer 25°C 45 kW

6 pod

The pod's are easy to maintain.

integration in std datacenter


Below is an example of what can be integrated in 1 pod

  • 10 x 24 GB GPU system (AI workloads)
  • 20 x CPU 16-24 cores each
  • 40 TB high performance SSD (flash)
  • 128 TB Storage Capacity
  • 2560 GB memory