Tier S Circular

S stands for Self Healing and can be seen as extensions to Tier 3 and 4 datacenters.

Tier-S datacenters are compatible with Tier 3 and most of Tier 4 but they have additional benefits:


  • The Tier S Circular approach allows to build the most reliable and redundant datacenters in the world.
  • A larger datacenter typically 2-10 mwatt capacity is extended with at least 9 edge datacenters.
  • Each edge datacenter is on a ring and can be 3 to 30 pods.
  • The main datacenters can be pod, rack based on container based.
  • A Tier-S datacenter can be Tier 3 or Tier 4 capable but is constructed in more modern ways.

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  • storage can never be lost
  • data can be spread over multiple sites in such a way that not even quantum computers can hack


  • all pods are liquid cooled (submerged)
    • liquid cooling is a much more simple and reliable process
  • all power paths and network pats are fully redundant

war and natural disaster proof

  • the circular design with main datacenter and edge datacenters makes it much harder to bring a datacenter down in a situation of nautral disaster, war or other unrest.

self healing

A tier S datacenter, has self healing properties, the aim is that workloads can run in all safety and don't need human super administrators to keep alive.