A “cyber pandemic” is a reality

Much like the world has grappled with virus-based pandemics, the threat of a cyber pandemic is arguably even more perilous and poses a direct threat to life and security.

We are of the opinion that several major nations are either in the process of establishing or have already established their dominance in the digital realm. In a manner akin to a cyber pandemic, it's conceivable to develop digital "viruses" that can effectively accomplish their intended objectives.

Numerous examples substantiate our concerns, though we've highlighted only a few here. According to experts in the field, it's almost a certainty that a vast array of systems are compromised, embedded with pre-existing vulnerabilities.

This situation bears a striking resemblance to what might occur in the event of a virus-based pandemic, akin to premeditated biological warfare. The aftermath of deploying such an attack could be catastrophic, potentially leading to a genuine pandemic. Some might erroneously believe they can control such a situation, but in our view, this represents a direct path to the potential destruction of human civilization.

The threat of a cyber pandemic is similar and is arguably already in place, albeit not yet unleashed in its full capacity. The backdoors and vulnerabilities exist; it's only a question of time and resources before they are exploited on a larger scale.

For those seeking evidence, consider this: for less than $50,000 a year, one can gain access to an individual's complete digital life and footprint, including travel details, personal information, data, and financial transactions. High-profile individuals, like presidents, understandably have a higher price tag for such invasive access.