biomass production cost

  1. Land Preparation: This includes plowing, harrowing, and possibly adding amendments to the soil. Costs can vary widely but let's assume a cost of $200 per hectare.

  2. Labor: This is highly variable based on local wage rates and the intensity of labor required. For this estimate, assume $300 per hectare for the entire growing cycle.

  3. Irrigation: Costs depend on local water availability and infrastructure. Assume an average cost of $200 per hectare. Locations need to be chosen where there is good water.

  4. Fertilizer and Pest Control: This includes the cost of organic fertilizer and pest control methods. Estimate around $200 per hectare. For hemp its not so much.

  5. Harvesting and transport: The cost can vary based on whether it's done manually or with machinery. Assume a cost of $300 per hectare.

  6. Lease of land: Allocate about $200 per year, we can harvest 3x per year, let's go for $100.

Adding these up gives a total estimated cost:

  • Total Estimated Cost per Hectare: $1,300

Please note, these are very rough estimates and actual costs can differ greatly based on specific circumstances. For a more accurate assessment, local agricultural costs and practices should be thoroughly researched.

production per year

To estimate the biomass yield of industrial hemp (focusing solely on the biomass for fiber and excluding seeds or CBD), we can use the average yields for fiber hemp. The biomass in this context refers to the stalks of the hemp plant, which are processed for fiber.

Fiber hemp yields can range from 6 to 12 tons per hectare per harvest. Using the median value of 8 tons per hectare per harvest and considering the possibility of three harvests per year, the calculation for annual biomass yield per hectare would be as follows:

  • Yield per Harvest: 8 tons of biomass (fiber hemp)
  • Harvests per Year: 3
  • Annual Biomass Yield per Hectare: 8 tons/harvest × 3 harvests/year = 24 tons per hectare/year

Therefore, under good conditions, you might produce approximately 24 tons of hemp biomass per hectare annually with three harvests. However, it's crucial to remember that achieving three harvests per year is ambitious and highly dependent on regional climatic conditions, the hemp variety chosen, and effective farming practices.


To calculate the cost per ton of hemp based on a cost of $1,300 per harvest cycle, let's recap the key figures:

  1. Cost per Harvest Cycle: $1,300 per hectare
  2. Biomass Yield per Harvest: an average yield of 8 tons per hectare per harvest.
  3. Harvests per Year: 3

First, we calculate the annual cost and then determine the cost per ton:

Annual Cost:

  • Cost per Harvest Cycle: $1,300
  • Harvests per Year: 3
  • Annual Cost: $1,300/harvest × 3 harvests = $3,900 per hectare per year

Annual Biomass Yield:

  • Yield per Harvest: 8 tons
  • Harvests per Year: 3
  • Annual Biomass Yield: 8 tons/harvest × 3 harvests = 24 tons per hectare per year

Cost per Ton of Hemp:

  • Annual Cost: $3,900 per hectare
  • Annual Yield: 24 tons per hectare
  • Cost per Ton: $3,900 / 24 tons = $162.50 per ton

Therefore, based on these estimates, the cost to produce one ton of hemp biomass would be approximately $162.50.

Remember, this calculation is an estimate and actual costs can vary based on factors such as local labor and input costs, climatic conditions, and farming practices.

This is probably at the high side for east africa, lets use $100 per ton.