Your current internet infrastructure is super vulnerable

The Internet became very centralized, a denial of service attack can bring down full countries very fast.

90% of services used by citizens or governments rely on internet services out of the country, the moment some of the internet lines or crucial internet services like DNS (name services) are taken down is enough to take down the internet.

It's surprising to see how vulnerable the internet became and how few people actually understand this risk.

Possible ways how to bring internet down (these are only a few methods, there are many more):

  • Often enough to cut 1 internet or large land cable, this will cause overloads on other internet lines, because of how the internet protocol (TCP) works, it would become unusable for +- all services.
  • Do a denial of service attack on name servers in the country or outside, this means names would not be resolved to internet addresses, which means no service.
  • Spoof routing protocols, make noise of routing updates, basically make the internet crazy and get it to think about routes which are slow or don’t exist.
  • Do a denial of service attack on internet backbone services of a country, all will stop.
  • Use some pre-hacked routers, to reroute traffic, again all would stop.

Some Interesting Facts

  • +30% of internet traffic goes over Egypt, if that one would go down the internet might have very serious issues to continue normal operations.
  • 99% if internet traffic does not stay in country in most emerging countries, leading to more cost and information and money loss