There is a 3rd world war, it's a war on data and digital infrastructure.

Data is the new gold of the digital universe, few global countries and some corporations have absolute dominance from this perspective.

In state of conflict first thing happening are actions to destabilize critical digital infrastructure:

  • Ukraine, Russia took out 5 datacenters as first targets to destabilize the country and destroy important data for the country (e.g. birth certificates are now gone, land ownership…).
  • Ukraine gets lots of denial of service attacks (only one of sources, other one).
  • There are many other signs where cyber attacks are used to influence people or take over infrastructure.
  • Countries are not prepared for these situations, example here.
  • Intelligence Organizations, do harvest info, there are tons of links but some to start: link1.

Only very few countries in the world have enough resources to play in this 3rd digital world war, the other countries are completely unprotected and at the mercy of others.

Most of the IT (network) equipment bought comes from one of the big players and much of it is vulnerable by design.